Astronomical images for every soul

You are phenomenal. Yes,I’m talking to you! And you deserve timeless quality portraits of yourself and your family to both love and display now, and to cherish for years to come.

A good portrait can capture the beauty in your soul as well as your smile, the warmth in a hug and the joy and fulfilment of family. I want to do that for you, but first let me take you on a little journey…

Now taking bookings for 11th sept 2022

Hey there!

Follow the trail of chocolate crumbs and the sound of a shutter clicking away and you’ll find me, Suzy, usually laying in the sand bribing my occassionally-patient children to pose for me.

You see, I always have a bunch of creative photography ideas bouncing around my head. Photography is what I do to meet that artistic desire I feel deep in my soul and I feel such joy and pride to be able to share this with you.

I love to truly connect with the people (and pooches) I photograph and welcome everyone to let their guard down and let their true quirky/nerdy/fabulous self shine.

When not shooting I spend my time wrangling my two energetic and adorable daughters, on FaceTime to family overseas, or obsessing over what to write on my website homepage.

If you already know my style and are ready to have a chat then click the button below and let’s get planning your portrait session! 

But if you want to check out some more of my work let’s continue exploring 🙂

12 months – 12 photoshoots
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“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”
George Santayana
“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”
Mary Mason
“There are words in the soul of a newborn baby, wanting and waiting to be written.”
Toba Beta
The most magical photography experience in WA

Not sure what style you want but sure it has to be unique?

Great, then I have something truly One Of A Kind for you. You will find night sky portrait packages nowhere else in Australia! I created these out of passion and an inner feeling that I just HAD to capture this. Introducing…

Astroportraits & astromaternity

The Solar System is your stage

love is the story

& you are the star

The dark night sky of Western Australia is the best place in the world to view our Milky Way and gaze back in time. AstroPortraits are about stripping back the trappings of modern life, fashions that come and go, stresses and expectations, work, bills, isolation and face masks, and getting back to what really matters; just you, your energy, your love and for AstroPortraits the life that grows within you.

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Don’t worry, I’m not into the hard sale. I want every client of mine to feel like they have found the photographer who truly understands both them and their vision. If you want to get to know me more then fill out the form below and we can schedule a chat. You can find more contact into on my contact page.

This photographer is very talented and will take the time to get the perfect photo. It’s more like art than photography! I highly recommend. She is great with children and has a knack for capturing very real emotions. I am very excited to have a print of hers for above my fireplace!
Binningup, WA
WOW Suzy, these are amazing, I love them all. You did such a great job on all of them, it's impossible to choose, I'm going to get a few, thank you. I've opened our family pics so many times:)
Karratha, WA
Loved our photos. Suzie was great with the kids and captured some very special memories for us.
Karratha, WA