Get to know Suzy

Mother. Friend. Photographer. Chocaholic. Super Geek. Yeah that pretty much describes me, Suzy. Hello!

I want to tell you about why I love photography so much. I am a deeply sentimental and curious person. In my free time (a.k.a.before I had kids!) I love to hike and explore, discovering new landscapes and trying to recreate the beauty and vibrance in a piece of art to keep and look back on.

Then when my children came along I fell in love with their curiosity too. By photographing them in their element I try to capture that moment and keep it with me forever, like a time capsule.

In the bush or on the beach is where I feel most connected and at ease. Outdoor photography feels very natural to me. Wildflower season is my absolute favourite time of the year in Western Australia.

The fascination with studio photography came later. Studio lighting is far more of a skill and art form than I ever imagined but now – wow – we can make magic!

When I create a collection for you it is a gallery of the joy, love, warmth and connection between you. I want you to look back for years to come and feel exactly how you felt. Remember the smell of your newborn baby, the giggle of a toddler or the kicks of a baby bump. Can you remember that rush of first love when you got engaged? Or the respect and companionship of a couple on their 40th wedding anniversary. This is what I want to preserve for you xxx

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