Astroportraits & AstroMaternity


AstroPortraits and AstroMaternity are fine art images as spellbinding as the love between the people photographed within them. These are portraits as timeless as the solar system itself. If you have been looking for a unique way to immortalise moments with your loved ones then picture yourself here amongst the constellations.

Suzy captured the joy in our friendship. I love the image and it always makes me think back to campfires and hot choc on our camp trips together.

Elmarie, Binningup, WA

AstroPortraits are all about the connection between two people, and with nature as a whole. The art we create is guided by the cosmos. The bright core of the Milky Way travels across the night sky throughout the year and the fullness of the moon prescribes how many stars we see. Whether we capture a tall Milky Way, or an arch, star trails or constellations, is at the will of Mother Nature. This means your personal piece of art will be unlike any other AstroPortrait.

To discover the type of images I can create for you, give me a call. Alternatively you can drop your email below and get on the waitlist for destination packages when I announce them.


AstroPortraits are not just a photoshoot – they are an experience. Enjoy your complimentary cosy astro-picnic  on our comfy armchairs underneath the night sky. Snuggle up into warm blankets and let a hot chocolate or glass of champagne soothe your soul as you watch for planets and shooting stars.


AstroPortrait & AstroMaternity packages have been developed to get the most out of your experience and investment,

while working within the timeline that the night sky allows. 

Astro Packages include

20 min pre-shoot zoom consultation

up to 2 hour photoshoot

Gallery viewing appointment

5 high resolution digital images

20″ x 30″ fine art framed portrait

Starlight Picnic


I will look after your righty up until your portraits are hanging on your wall or expertly preserved in an album. I have a hand selected range of high quality albums, folio boxes and wall art, as well as gifts, to choose from.

What to expect from your AstroPortrait

AstroPortrait shoots run much slower than a natural light or studio shoot. This is because we need to take multiple exposures of each composition to get all the photographic data needed to create the composite image.

Each AstroPortrait is true in the sense that the subject and the night sky are photographed on the same night, but I need to adjust camera settings to capture each element. 

We always provide seating, warm blankets and hot choc to keep you warm and cosy between shots. It can get pretty chilly in the winter but that cold air also means nice clear skies. 

We book your Gallery Viewing Appointment 8-12 weeks after your shoot. This may seem like a long time to wait but it is worth it! Some images take several hours to edit – the one above of the gymnast on the mudflats took 7 hours! 

Here are some FAQ's

When can we shoot AstroPortraits?

The Milky Way is only visible in the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere between March and November but the dates vary a few days each year. Us astrophotographers like to call this The Milky Way Season.

However, there are plenty more interesting objects to photograph in the night sky so we can actually shoot AstroPortraits all year.

The orientation of the Milky Way changes throughout the year as does the time when it is visible. Call me to chat through the celestial options available at the time you want to shoot

How long does the photoshoot take?

AstroPortraits are generally shot at a slightly slower pace than daylight portraits. This is to allow to capture enough images to create the finished artwork. You can expect between 1 and 2 hours.

Is the final artwork one image or 'photoshopped'?

All of these images are edited to create the magic we can see with our eyes. No camera can see the detail our human eye can. However I do brighten up the Milky Way to make it really pop.  

Some images can be created with a single photograph however most will require multiple exposures to capture enough detail in low light conditions.

Why are AstroPortrait and AstroMaternity more expensive than other packages

Shooting in low light means additional planning, time, equipment but most importantly skill. It has taken me years of practice (usually trying to photograph myself haha) to perfect this technique. Then processing the artwork can take several hours per image.

Most importantly though AstroPortraits are one of a kind artwork that you will not find any other Australian photographer offering. Your personal portrait will be unique to you and cannot be recreated at any other time of year.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, we can only shoot when there is little to no light pollution. There is however one big source of night light pollution that makes imaging the stars impossible: the moon.
For this reason we only shoot AstroPortraits about 14 nights a month and catch up on sleep the rest of the month.

What time are AstroPortrait photo shoots?

This depends entirely on the time of year and orientation of the Milky Way. Some times of the year might necessitate an early morning or late night. But for some months the Milky Way is nicely positioned in the sky at an accomodating hour.

Would you like to see what I can create for you?

Photographing other celestial wonders

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The Large & Small Magellanic Clouds

Comets and Planets

Air Glow

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