Astronomical images for every soul

AstroPortraits and AstroMaternity are fine art images as spellbinding as the love between the people photographed within them. These are portraits as timeless as the solar system itself.

The past round of AstroPortraits sold out fast. I am currently working out the next season of possibly astro shooting dates. Remember, these AstroPortraits cannot be shot whoever we choose; we must wait for the stars to align. Sorry, that is a bit cheesy isn’t it? What I mean is that we can only shoot AstroPortraits when the moon is new or absent from the night sky, when the position of the Milky Way is at the right hight above the horizon, and depending on location, the azimuth of the Milky Way Core also. And just to add more complication we also need to take into account tide, cloud clover and season accessibility to some destinations – not to mention permits! As you can imagine, planning these shoots can take just as much time as shooting and editing them. 

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