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By now you have probably had a good look around my website and [hopefully] like what you see! Is it time to have a chat?

Remember, I don’t do the hard sell thing. It’s just not my style and quite frankly, I’m not good at it. There is no pressure or commitment if you fill out the form below – but I’m pretty sure I can answer all your questions and meet all your wildest photography dreams! So, what have you got to loose 🙂

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Yeah, I prefer to get the details I want now so I can make a decision. Feel free to give me a call 🙂 and if I don’t answer it’s because I am probably in the whirlwind of parenting two young kids, on a photoshoot, or have lost my phone in the house somewhere – again. But leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If I do answer however, you may be privy to that whirlwind of parenting so I will say now: “I am sorry for the noise in the background, the frequent interruptions asking for snacks, and the occasional bowl movement info my potty-training two year old likes to interject”.

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