The old adage says a picture speaks a thousand words. Science tells us that people make a judgement on us in the first 15 seconds and we can say a whole lot more with a picture, or a set of pictures, then 15 seconds worth of words.

"In just one image we need to tell the story of who you are, what you stand for, and why you can be trusted by your customers, employer and colleagues.

A professional portrait is more than just a pretty picture."

- Suzy Jones


In headshots you are the only subject. It is a tightly cropped portrait from top of the hair to shoulder level, focussing on the face. The model is camera-aware and looking straight into the lens.

Often a plain background such as white or grey is desirable. 

Headshots can often be company branded, with either the company colour pallet or uniforms, and with employees all photographed with the same lighting, pose and backgrounds. 

Headshot Packages

A headshot shoot can be as simple as one digital image. Shoots are short and are scheduled in early afternoon or early evening in my Wannanup studio.

I do offer monthly headshot afternoons in Perth.

Hair and makeup can be arranged at an extra cost.

First image $150, each additional image $75

Personal Branding

Whether you like manage it or not, you have a personal brand. If you have any form of social media, are present on any website, including your employers, have a professional reputation, then you have a personal brand. You might as well take control of the image of yourself that is out there for the world to see. 

Personal Branding goes several steps further than Headshots. Where a headshot can simply be a professional portrait of yourself for your company’s website, your personal brand needs to encompass how you want the world to receive you. This includes how you dress, the colours we incorporate, the overall tone and feel of the images. If you could have only one image to sum you up, what would it me? 

My personal branding packages start from 10 images as we need to update our online photos regularly.

Below are a few examples of personal branding. All three of these women wanted to be perceived as friendly, approachable, capable; hence the relaxed posing and smiles. 

Personal Branding images also do not need to be facing the camera. You don’t even need to be the main focus in the image, instead it could be your art or your product. You can also include more personal elements like children or a pet. 

With personal branding you want people to feel like they know you. 

Personal Branding Packages

Session Fee


Pre-shoot Zoom consultation, Style Guide, photoshoot, online gallery


The Little One

10 high resolution digital images

10 websize digital images


The Middle One

20 high resolution digital images

20 websize digital images


The Big One

20 high resolution digital images

20 websize digital images


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