Mums, I am such a hypocrite

And I am sorry.

I can talk for hours about why you need to be in front of the camera; why you should be in photos with your kids; why these images will become some of their most precious possessions.

But you know what? I NEVER get in front of the camera with my girls. Like, never!

Granted I don’t have a hubby or family around to take pics of me and my girls, but still, thats a bit of a crappy excuse.

And so from now on I vow to my  children that I will ask people to take pictures of us together.

But more than that, I want to have pictures of just me.

I have waited so long to loose weight before I get in front of the camera. I have been overweight since puberty hit at about 14. First my boobs and bum grew that was great, then the rest of me grew and my confidence shrunk.

But I don’t want to wait until I am thin and pretty – because that is a fallacy. I say I feel confident now but I don’t have pics to prove it.

I do however have the skills to take an amazing photo of anyone, or any body shape.

So I really need to stop with the excuses and just take some good pictures of myself. 

And so my vow to myself is to take a weekly self portrait.

To celebrate me for who I am now, not for who I will be when I am a few kilos lighter. 

Because I am proud of who I am now. I like me. I’m happy.

And so here it is, my first self portrait…