Limited Edition Mummy & Me half sessions

Heart-bursting Family Portraits where Mum is the Star - for once!

You’re tired, haven’t done your hair, need to loose a few more pregnancy kilos before you get in the photos with your kids. Am I right? Well I am here to change your mind about that.

I want you to think back to, or even better grab out an old photo album and look at photos of you as a child with your mum or nan. At any point in all the years you have looked at those photos did you ever think about how the most important women in your life looked? Nope. And even today I bet you don’t see any imperfections.

I am so grateful right now to have my own mum and dad visiting from the UK after two years of missing them. During all the lock downs my dad did our family tree and one evening recently we sat all together (and how much we appreciate being able to do that now after Covid) and looked through four generations of fierce women and men who fell in love with them. I asked my mum how she felt when someone took those photos of me and her over 30 years ago (*gulp*)? 

She said something like this… “I don’t know how I got through those years. I was exhausted, both of us working full time and battling all the redundancies of the late 80’s, we barely stayed afloat. I was so stressed. I don’t think I had showered for days before that photo”.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? And yet when I look at them I only see love and connection. And that is why it is so important to get photos of you and your family right now. 

All the things you see as imperfections, those are just the surface expression of the love and dedication you have for your children. To them you are perfect. And they are right; you are xx

Can we all just agree that my mum was gorgeous and I was an adorable baby?

Me and my mum 1985 and circa 2019. Well I need to take my own advice here and get some photos of my and my mum!!

Limited Edition Mummy & Me Half Sessions

What on Earth is a Half Session? Well simply, I wanted to run a promotion for all you gorgeous mummas to get a gallery of cherished family portraits. Think of it as my Mothers Day Gift to you. It is more personalised and flexible than a Mini Session, but without the price of a full portrait session.

This is a taster of my full service. So how much and what do you get?

$350 (usually $700)

If you would like more images you are welcome to purchase extra at $75 per image. 

*Store credit is for Starbright Wonderland online store only and not exchangeable for cash*

Limited dates available between 1st April and 15th May 2022

Beautiful photos, so many gorgeous wardrobe options, and I felt really comfortable during the whole process! I can't wait to see the photos on canvas, Suzy really captured so many aspects of my daughters personality in the pics. I didn't really know what to expect as I'd never had a studio session before. Suzy was wonderful with Little Miss 3 and knew exactly when it was time to take a break so she could have a play and a snack. Looking through the photo gallery, it gave me goosebumps and brought a happy little tear to my eye to see myself and daughter looking so glam - we are normally tomboy types. Getting dressed up and having our photos taken was the best type of self-care and I didn't realise just how much I needed that special time just with her and will cherish the photos!
Yasmin and Miss P
Mummy & Me Half Sessions

Yes, you can find cheaper Mothers Day Mini Sessions around...

… but I am not offering you a ‘cheap’ service or product. 

The service I offer is highly personalised photography service where I get to know what you truly want to get out of your portraits. I will spend the time making sure your skin tones are correct, removing spots, crumbs around the littlest ones mouth and a graze from your daughters knee. I don’t slim you or remove  wrinkles (because you are prefect the way you are) but I can make you the absolutely best version of yourself. 

I create portraits that will look stylish today, in 10 years, and when your grandchildren look back on them in decades to come.  My style is deliberately simple for exactly this reason.

Who is included, and who is not?

These Mummy & Me sessions are especially created to focus on you gorgeous Mums and your little ones.  If you would like a family session including Dad or other family we can definitely do that in a Full Shoot. Give me a call or fill out the form below.

There is an exception though...

Bring your mum! Nanny’s, Oma’s, and all the wonderful grandmothers out there. How could I do a Mother’s Day event and miss out a whole generation of Mummas. 

What if my kids don't behave?

Do you know how often I  get a perfectly behaved little model? Never! Of course I tell them all they’re wonderful – because they are – but they don’t make my  job easy  haha. 

Don’t fear, I have structured these  sessions to allow enough time and space for babies of all ages to get comfortable and let their little personalities shine. This is why I am not booking multiple sessions back to back in a traditional Mini Session structure. Some children will be done in a few minutes, others will need time to be comfortable. 

How adorable is this cheeky little guy  below who did not want to sit for his photoshoot. The next photo is a minute later…

What about that store credit I mentioned earlier?

Remember those last photos you took of your family? The ones you loved and always meant to get printed on canvas and put on the wall but they’re still on some USB disk somewhere? The reason I gift you some store credit is because I want you to think about completing your portrait experience now. Or soon after you get your gallery at least. My whole vibe is about finishing your portrait journey, and that means using my skills and experience to guide you through the printing process. 

Not all printers were created equal. And yes, you could go and print at your local big box store… if you like grey highlights, grainy images, print stripes, crushed blacks and muddy skin tones on a canvas that will delaminate in a year. Or…

…we can go through your products together. Either in person  at my studio or you can browse the online store with a bottle of wine at the end of the day – but either way all purchased are checked for quality by me before going to the print lab. I have my editing screens calibrated and have ordered test prints from so, so many labs (sorry to my accountant). I guarantee the products I sell you because your family  is worth more than some cheap canvas that fades in 12 months.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

Some people are naturally gifted with a gorgeous sense of style. I am not one of  them. 

I worked with a stylist to put together a super helpful Style Guide PDF that you will receive before your session. This is a question that comes up regularly in our 10min telephone consult so don’t stress about looking good, that’s all part of my service. I do have a limited client wardrobe that you are welcome to choose from (complimentary in your package).

What about the out-takes and bloopers?

Well I tend to keep snapping away and almost always end up with some adorable behind the scenes images, or just cute smiles from your little ones on their own. I will include these in your online gallery so you can choose to purchase them if you wish ($75 each).

Can we skip to the good part - how do I book in?

I have made this so easy for you. Simply click the package below (Mummy and Me Half Session) and then select the date and time you want. You’ll then be guided through the booking process and can pay your $100 deposit. 
Shortly after you will receive another email from me with your contract – please be surer to sign the contract to secure your booking. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me! 

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens. I know sometimes even the best laid plans come awry. If you are unable to make your appointment please let me know as soon as possible. 

Prior to 7 days before your appointment : full refund

3 to 7 days before your appointment: refund of the balance minus the deposit ($250 if the full balance has been paid).

Less than 3 days prior to your appointment: no refund given – consider gifting your time slot to a friend or family member

Any other questions? Send me a message 🙂

Well if you have read all the way down to here you are a star!

That’s a lot of info I know, but I’d rather cover it all than have you left pondering.

Go give your mum, your babies, your friend – well anyone – a hug right now. Writing all this made me all nostalgic.

I’m off to cuddle my mum,
Suzy xxx