You are not alone

Since as far back in my AstroPortrait journey as I can remember I have had the urge to create this one particular image.  This one is so close to my heart and I think will be to so many of you mums out there. 

I had this idea that when we become mothers and we are up at all hours throughout the night, that we are not really alone. I wanted to create a piece of photographic art that shows us connected by one common thing – the light watching over each of us – the Milky Way.

You see, I always felt that when I was awake and pacing my lounge at 2am, that I knew there would be so many other women doing the exact same. 

silI would look out the big sliding doors aside my feeding chair and up to the stars, wondering how many other women were there doing the same at that exact moment.

Sometimes, when it is quiet and the air is still, when we are exhausted and just aching to get back to sleep, it can feel quite isolating. But really, we are a silent army of strong women nurturing the most important little people in our lives. Those tiny, precious babies entirely dependent on our love.

I am sure the if the universe could look down on us at night, she would see not just one mum, but so, so many gently glowing windows framing gently soothing mothers and their babies. Each of us slowly swaying and shushing, loving and cooing. Each of us sometimes feeling alone in that quietness.

And so if this is you, I want you to remember you are not alone, you are a one of a silent army of strong women giving the best of you to create the best for them xxx

Karratha World Breastfeeding Week 2021

The opportunity to create this image finally happened in World Breastfeeding Week 2021.

I had met the local Australian Breastfeeding Association representative Kylie at playgroup ini Dampier. She knew my passion for these early life moments and supporting mothers and asked me to photograph that years World Breastfeeding Week photoshoot. She was familiar with my AstroPortraits and when I suggested this concept to her she jumped at the chance.

We ended up planning that event along with another lady Amy who has become a dear friend, all during our playgroup catch ups. 

The three of us talking about those first early morning feeds, when we were all entirely exhausted from pregnancy, birth and then months of broken sleep, we bonded. I don’t think there is a mother in the whole who doesn’t relate to that feeling.

We each remembered looking out the window up at the stars, unknowing that there were so many other women doing the same. I think it is really important now to remind mothers that we are all in this together, even when we feel alone.

Breastfeeding AstroPortrait

We had no shortage of volunteers for our breastfeeding AstroPortrait. 8 confirmed and another 5 on the waitlist. Considering it was happening at 8:30pm and our models were mothers with your babies up well past their bed time that was quite an impressive number! 

I had borrowed a trailer and even the armchair from playgroup, bought a lampshade from home and taped that to the top of my tripod. Then with my photography light-box inside the lampshade, we set up for the shot. 

I needed the mother to look like she is sitting in her own lounge, but to be in a space that it common to all of us – something we can all relate to.

This image has become a defining piece of art for me, not just as a photographer showcasing my skill, but as a mother expressing those feelings in the early days. It has a significance to me but a also to everyone who I share it with.

Do you feel the connection?

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