World Breastfeeding Week Photoshoot

Perth, Sunday 14th August 2022

Last year I had the pleasure to photograph 41 ladies and their 42 babies as part of World Breastfeeding Week 2021. This year, I would love to repeat the amazing evening in Perth.

Now, World Breastfeeding Week is actually August 1st to 7th but given the terrible weather we are experiencing in the southwest, we thought we would delay for one week.

What time?

If the weather is kind to us we can have aa group picnic from 4pm.

The main group photoshoot will be between 5:40pm and 6pm, just on sunset.

Individual shots can be taken before, or just after.

WBW22 Photoshoot Location

Riverside Applecross – exactly location to be confirmed shortly.

This is a free event

This is a free event to addend and a lovely opportunity to celebrate and join together with other mothers in the same chapter of their parenting journey. You will all receive a link to download the high resolution digital group images. 

I will also have time for some individual portraits if you wish which you can later purchase for $75 each. 

AstroPortrait Photoshoot

In previous years I have also incorporated my signature AstroPortraits with a second shoot after sunset.

We won’t be able to do this in Perth due to the light pollution, but if I get enough people keen I will organise a second shoot in Lake Clifton, just south of Mandurah for Saturday 20th August. Again all the group shots are free, with individual AstroPortraits $300 each.

AstroPortrait shoots take longer to set up and photograph, and are technically in depth, so if you want to know more before committing you can see here.

Register here!