Below are some great outfit combinations that work really well in your Glitter Minis

Casual Denims

This simple combo of denim with a plain white shirt is so striking. Your images are going to be fun enough, they really do not need anything fancy to make them pop.

The best part is almost everyone owns a pair of jeans and a plain shirt – and it never goes out of fashion. 

Simple Fun Dresses

Simple fun dresses can be great for the same reason as the denims – they don’t take away from the real star of the show; your kids and glitter. 

A Fabulous Dresses

It is great to be more casual in your clothing choices – but that doesn’t mean you cannot go all out!! Spray glitter in their hair, cover them in sparks and sequins, bows, fancy shoes, the whole lot! Because why not!


And dresses with a full skirt that spin beautifully can be visually stunning also.

Want to borrow an outfit?

I do have a small selection of children’s outfits in my client wardrobe. We need to arrange this before the shoot so give me a call or email to have a chat and I can send you some pictures of what I have.

See you soon!!